7 Truly Tempting Treats in Lisburn


Whether it’s a rare sunshine-filled day, a Sunday family fun day or just a moment’s peace on your lunch break; we don’t need to be asked twice to indulge in a sweet treat!

Here in Lisburn we’re lucky enough (or should we say unlucky, if you ask our personal trainer) to be surrounded by some of the best home made delicacies Northern Ireland has to offer.

They’ve been kept under wraps for some time now. But we thought it was selfish to keep it that way, so we’ve decided to share with you our 7 favourite tempting treats in Lisburn.

(So if we see you here, the ice creams are on you!)

Pistachio Panna Cotta from Square Bistro, Lisburn Square


Panna Cotta, literally meaning ‘cooked cream’ in Italian, is becoming increasingly common all over the world, and luckily for our tastebuds, the flavours are becoming more experimental.

At Square Bistro, it’s “all about the food”, and the team use some of the best local produce to create their culinary delights.

We love the Bistro’s take on this Italian classic; adding in pistachios to give a delicious crunch to this otherwise smooth and creamy dessert.

The texture, the lightness, the creaminess. It has it all. If you haven’t tried it, then my friends, you haven’t lived!

Scotch Cream Eggs from Layer Cake, Bridge Street


Oh Layer Cake, how we love thee. Let us count the ways! Lisburn isn’t short on quality bakeries, but Layer Cake has become infamous locally for the best of crimes – taking cakes and buns where they’ve never gone before! From putting family favourites like parma violet sweets and flumps atop a yummy cupcake, to their signature melt cakes, this little powerhouse has unsurprisingly amassed some 8,700 fans on Facebook alone.

But it’s the scotch cream eggs that are making waves passed the borders of Lisburn and beyond, bringing people from all over to Bridge Street. Shaped like the traditional deep fried delicacy of the protein-filled variety, Layer Cake’s cream-filled alternative took a Cadbury classic egg recipe and made it BETTER!

Is it Easter yet?

Carrot Cake from Glasshouse Coffee, Lisburn Square


The Glasshouse is Lisburn’s latest high-end, health conscious eatery, mixing the old with the new. At lunch time you can have a comforting Northern Irish stew or a modern superfood salad with flatbread.

Yay for healthy treats! OK, they’re not superfood healthy. But there are sneaky ways to make carrot cake healthier that folk in the know (like the Glasshouse team) know. A regular butter and oil-filled slice topped with cream cheese can be as much as 650 calories. But a healthier version of the recipe can cut those numbers in half.

Aw heck, forget the calories, you’ll die and go to Heaven with this one anyway!

Oreo and Fudge Belgian Waffle from The Lane, Haslems Lane


The Lane has a split personality as far as Lisburnians go. On the one hand they’re lauded for their great healthy menu. On the other… they make specialised cheesecakes and all kinds of delicious naughtiness. And with a name like “Oreo and Fudge Belgian Waffle” we probably don’t even need to explain this one, but we will anyway!

Belgium has actually borne several kinds of waffle, including the Brussels waffle and the Liège waffle, but the “Belgian Waffle” is the most famous. In America they’re a breakfast food served with honey. In Europe, they’re a sweet snack served with chocolate spread, cream and strawberries. This latest incarnation pairs them with another America classic; the Oreo cookie and fudge.

Trust us, this revelation in desserts is what could make America great again!

Toffee and Banana Scones from Brown Bean Cafe, Market Square


Now some might call it sacrilege to mess about with the institution that is the coffee shop scone. These single serving cake breads have been a favourite among the Celtic fringe countries since their introduction in Scotland in the 1500s. The original name (skone) originated from the Dutch word “schoonbrot” meaning “beautiful bread.” And beautiful they are, on the eyes and the taste buds!

However we like a little bit of adventure in our lives. Change can be good and the risk takers can sometimes discover delicacies we never knew we needed; the toffee and banana scone is a case in point. Brown Bean are the place to be for lasagnes and pies too, but when it comes to tempting treats, they really are taking it to another level in the scone department.

The Dutch would be proud!

Oreo Milkshake from Cafe Vanilla, Lisburn Leisure Park


We’ve already discussed Oreos. Safe to say we all agree they’re one of the best things America ever exported, right? So we’ve put them on cupcakes and that’s a mighty fine idea. But did you know if you put them in a milkshake, it’s even better?

Cafe Vanilla Lisburn is a local institution. With over 23,000 Facebook likes their inventive creations like Kinder Bueno and Nutella ice cream and have drawn crowds from far and wide to their little corner of the city. But milkshakes are a great alternative when you haven’t the appetite for a full blown dessert. Be prepared though, this one comes in a glass jug with a big handle (because you’ll need a firm grip).

Only one straw though because… as if we would share!

Sweet Pancake Stacks from Ashvale Farm Shop, Old Ballynahinch Road


Aw pancakes, so good they have their own designated annual holiday. But too good to only be eaten one day a year! Whether you choose berry compote and cream or maple syrup and banana, you’ll be starting the day the right way with a pancake stack.

Of course Ashvale Farm Shop are more than just a haven for sugar aficionados. The family run business nestled in the Bailliesmills countryside is famous for its Tea Rooms which use all the organic, healthy produce available in their grocery store.

So if it makes you feel less guilty, you can always buy some vegetables to take home afterwards!

Red Velvet Ice Cream from Mauds Cafe, Antrim Street


Red Velvet became the wedding cake du jour in recent times and has muscled in on the everyday cupcake market too, adorning office tea break desks up and down Northern Ireland. But if you haven’t tried it in ice cream, then my friends, you haven’t lived!

Mauds ice cream is a homegrown institution creating new award-winning flavours in NI since 1982. Red Velvet has quickly become a favourite; a very mild cocoa flavoured red syrup, thick with red velvet cake crumbs…

We can’t speak. Too. Much. Saliva.

Lavender and Honey Posset from Alfredo’s, Lisburn Square


And finally, something for the more refined among us. For those who don’t know (don’t worry, neither did we) a posset is a cold dessert made with thickened cream. It’s traditionally flavoured with lemon, but Alfredo’s have given it a modern – and rather delicious – twist.

Alfredo’s is the reincarnation of Angelo’s which used to live just off Market Square in the city. They have a reputation for fine Italian cuisine and some of the best pizzas for miles. We’re so excited to have them as part of the Lisburn Square family. It’s like having a big Italian cousin who just happens to make amazing treats!

They’re all so deliciously addictive, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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