Advanced Non-Surgical Solutions Arrives at Lisburn Square

As Christmas season approaches, Lisburn Square is proud to announce the opening of a range of exciting new businesses.

Shoppers are spoilt for choice in the Square, which boasts a range of clothing stores, coffee shops, eateries and more. Shoppers will now, however, be able to take advantage of specialised cryotherapy treatments at Advanced Non-Surgical Solutions.

The idea behind Lisburn Square’s latest addition comes from Claire McManus, who brought Cryotherapy to Northern Ireland in 2015, establishing the practice as a leading treatment for inch loss, sports rehabilitation and anti-aging.

Offering a range of natural and non-invasive treatments, Advanced Non-Surgical Solutions arrives at Lisburn Square with the confidence of their customers in mind. “We seek to create a culture for health and well-being, pain rehabilitation and non-invasive beauty treatments. Our vision is to create a world of confidence within your own body,” says Claire, who brings a whole new set of skills to the local area.

Shoppers at Lisburn Square can now avail of these new treatments, brought to Northern Ireland for the time from the United States by the team at Advanced Non-Surgical Solutions - including frotox facials, sports injury relief, cryotherapy inch loss and beauty and anti-aging treatments.

Unlike many other treatments, the advanced technology behind cryotherapy targets isolated parts of the body, reacting with temperature receptors to remove toxins, bacteria and inflammation – leaving your body feeling years younger in just one session!

Advanced Non-Surgical Solutions presents a revolutionary alternative to crash diets, surgical procedures and prescription medication. All of the amazing benefits offered by cryotherapy are brought to shoppers with a choice of refreshing, enjoyable and painless treatments, executed to the highest professional and industry standards.

As well as non-surgical tummy tucks, facelifts and non-invasive liposuction treatments, ANSS offer advanced sports rehabilitation and recovery treatments, bringing instant relief and increased flexibility to sufferers of arthritis.

Visitors to Lisburn Square will be excited to try Claire's revolutionary treatments, whether they wish to reduce cellulite, increase their metabolism - or simply feel refreshed. None are as excited for the opening, however, as Claire herself: "I'm delighted to be opening up shop here in Lisburn Square, after years of offering Northern Ireland the best of non-invasive treatments and therapies. Cryotherapy is huge in the United States - there's just so many health benefits! I think shoppers at Lisburn Square will love it. Come in and try it yourself!"

Nicky McCollum, Development Director at Lisburn Square welcomed the opening of Advanced Non-Surgical Solutions: "At Lisburn Square we have another great addition to make to our collective of local retailers. Like many of the other businesses on site, Claire's clinic showcases local talent, top notch service and unrivalled skill. We think that Claire and the team at Advanced Non-Surgical Solutions will be kept very busy by our shoppers!"

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